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Anda Set


Hozi Printed Shirt

A piece synonymous with thinking outside the box and a deep reflection on Rwanda’s cultural staples. A famous portrait of Amasunzu hairstyle was reimagined by the Designer; adding a drop of tear to defy a common stereotype that “Men Don’t Cry”. He draws attention to emotions men feel and should ought to let out.


Nyere Shorts

A nuanced fusion of Maasai’s bottom wraps with the classic structure of shorts. The fusion is finished off with a deep pleat as a nod to full fluidity and new expression.

- Made of 65% Wool 35 % Hemp by Maeko
- Dyed in Black
- Made in Rwanda
- Shirt made in 100% organic cotton grown in Tanzania
- Fabric constructed with Afriek, woven & printed by Utexrwa
- Made in Rwanda

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