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Idea to life


With Moses Turahirwa 

Key information:

*The mentorship is individual*

Level: Seasonal 

Duration: 6 weeks 

Fee: 1,500,000Rwf 

Language: English, French 


  • Portfolio: A compilation of materials that exemplifies your beliefs, skills, qualifications and experiences. A portfolio provides an insight to your personality and ethics.
  • Mentorship: A relationship for a period of time during which a mentor guides a mentee through experience, knowledge and connection in a certain field


In any situation, be it arts or business, the capability of moving a passion from the ‘Idea’ phase to ‘Life’ comes in handy. Out of this mentorship, one is able to create a professional portfolio that visually communicates and strategically proves their identity, inspiration and purpose. 

For six months, a mentee is provided with a safe space, attention and guidance through the twelve creative steps to pursuing a passion from the idea to life. 

About the Mentor

Moses Turahirwa 

Fashion Designer, Founder & Creative Director of Moshions and Kwanda Season

Part of Africa's precious treasures, Moses Turahirwa is on a mission to usher in a new era of slow, thoughtful fashion. His Moshions brand is an ever-evolving creative manifestation of his love of discovery, play, and the luxurious beauty found in the details of the environments and culture that surrounds us.

In the unique aesthetics of his creations, Turahirwa uses his creative spirit and knowledge to pay homage to the visual storytelling tradition found in Rwanda and across the African continent. Through innovative designs that often include vintage manipulation, meticulous craftsmanship, and manual printing techniques, Moses reinterprets continental heritage through contemporary fashion, thrilled by the opportunity to celebrate Africa's vibrant narratives with the world. Moses, a Creative Educator at Future Learn, of a course that explores the intersection of luxury fashion and identity, holds a Master's degree in Collection Design, graduated from the prestigious Polimoda Fashion School in Italy. 

His brand, Moshions has showcased in the world's most important platforms like Pitti Immagine Uomo, Milan Fashion week… , has its signature piece 'Cardigan' in its afterlife at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Rd, London, and has been featured in several fashion influential magazines such as Vogue Italia , NSS, BoF to mention a few. Now, Moshions is embarking on its first hub of creatives, Kwanda Season, to expand with no limit.

Who is it for?

This mentorship is aimed at creative individuals with passion to develop or expand their portfolio. Below is a list of twelve (12) sectors of focus:

  • Culinary arts
  • Furniture design 
  • Fashion design 
  • Accessory design 
  • Fashion business
  • Fashion styling
  • Painting and Sculpture
  • Music and Music production
  • Photography 
  • Videography 
  • Interior design 
  • Wellness, fitness and beauty 

Learning Modules

This mentorship will guide you through below twelve (12) steps of creation, from the ‘Idea’ section, to ‘Life’. 

  1. Creative imagination (ideas from the artist)
  2. Research summary 
  3. Vintage manipulation of Ideas
  4. Idea sketching 
  5. Final idea prototype 
  6. Design research of the idea
  7. Technical construction 
  8. Presentation 
  9. Merchandising 
  10. Promotion 
  11. Next life  
  12. Documentation 


- Can understand, speak and write English or French

- Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Motivation letter 

- Registration fees 


After completing this ‘12 Creative Steps to Build a Portfolio’, participants will receive a Participation Certificate, on top of Moshions and Moses Turahirwa recommendation letter

This will strengthen your CV and expand your career opportunities. 


Start: January 22, 2023 

Further Info 

Admission process

To enroll to a Moshions Mentorship, follow the below procedures

  1. Fill out the application form 

Please find the form Here.

  1. You will be contacted to schedule a coffee with Moses Turahirwa

  1. Proceed with payment, if admitted. Payment deadline: January 12

Terms and Conditions 

The Mentor and Mentee will sign a mutual agreement before starting the Mentorship journey

How to Apply 

  1. Before Application 

- Prepare your identity document. National ID for Rwandans, Valid passport and visa for non-Rwandans

- Prepare your CV or documents in reference to your past works, if available 

  1. Submit the Application form 

Application form is Here

  1. Admission

After your application, we will contact you via email or Text to schedule a coffee with Moses 

Visa and Permit of Stay

As soon as admitted, Moshions will put in place necessary documents in its power to support the mentee’s visa application. This includes but is not limited to;

  1. Mentor’s invitation letter 
  2. Mentee’s proof of payment to the program, a proof of commitment 


For more information on this mentorship, we are at your disposal. The Moshions Team is available from Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

Contact us via or call us at +250 788 645 543 or each out in person in working hours. 

Address: 43 KN 16 Ave, Kigali

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